Our Menu


We make a variety of sourdough and yeast breads at The Bakery including boules, baguettes, focaccia, and sandwich loaves. We are happy to take preorders for any of our loaves. Contact us for information. 


We make all our pastries from scratch and bake them fresh every morning. Our menu changes often, but you can expect croissants, cinnamon twirls, scones, and cookies most days.


Our menu changes regularly. Sandwiches are made from scratch, and they feature locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. We prepare and slice our meats in house, too. Sandwiches are served on our fresh baguettes.


Yes, we make cakes. We are focused on taste, not decorating. So if you want a cake that is delicious but may not be picture perfect, contact us. Right now we offer three varieties: Carrot cake with walnuts & cranberries, white cake, and chocolate cake. All come with either cream cheese or chocolate buttercream frosting.

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