Our Bakery

When our family moved to the Eastern Shore from San Francisco in 2002, we fell in love with the bucolic lifestyle. But we missed one particular aspect of our old life: good bread.


So I started to bake my own. I've always been passionate about baking, but I really started to get serious. I read bread books, bread blogs, anything I could get my hands on. I baked. And I baked. I learned how to capture wild yeast and turn it into a starter (affectionately known as “mother”). Fifteen years later, here I am—with the help of my family—baking a variety of breads and a bunch of other treats. What began as a project to satisfy my family launched into a small business.


For eight years I sold my breads at different farmers' markets. Like my "mother," my business kept growing. Our large farmhouse kitchen couldn't sustain the growth (and quite frankly, neither could I). I had a decision to make: Stop baking and save the sanity of my family and me, or move out. I couldn't stand the thought of saying goodbye to all my great customers. Not bake? Painful to think about. So when I was approached about setting up shop in Cape Charles, I jumped. Maybe I'm crazy to open a bakery in a small town, but I'm up for the challenge. I hope you are ready to join me in this next step. 





About us

Keeping it all in the family: Meet my husband and chief baguette wizard, Andrew. Love the sandwiches? You can thank him. He slices the Edward's country ham, meats, and prepares all the sauces. Together we've learned how to make laminated dough that becomes our croissants, too. FYI: His accent is totally not Eastern Shore. 

And finally, our children. One of our goals when we moved to the Eastern Shore in 2002 was to teach our son and daughter where their food comes from. During our first summer at The Bakery you may have spotted them behind the counter, laminating dough, mixing up batches of cookies, or doing a hundred other things. We feel confident that they have a solid understanding of what makes real food. 

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